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Free hosting services to get your websites up and running.


Serverless is a development methodology that enables developers to create and execute apps without having to worry about monitoring servers. Simply put, you don't have to worry about vertical and horizontal application scalability.


As technology flourished, the complexity of running your application had to be abstracted. The normal job of establishing, managing, and expanding the server infrastructure is done by a cloud platform.
Hence, for deployment, developers can simply wrap their code in a few clicks.

Hosting A Website

It's reassuring to know that hosting is the function of storing data on a server or another computer so that it can be accessed via the internet.

To get your app online, you'll need a repository for storing your source code, as well as and a web hosting solution.

Free Services

I'll include the most popular and well-known free services in this section. Then I'll choose one and perform a lab on it.

Repository Hosting

Web Hosting

Lab: Hosting Your Application Using Netlify

  • First, you must've been having your source code ready on your local machine.
  • Log in to your GitHub account and upload your files to a repo.


When you're finished, your repo should look of this kind.

  • Use the chosen service to host the application.

Log in to Netlify Click on Add a new site, then Import an existent project.


This window will appear, showing you which remote repository your project is using. Let's just get going with GitHub in our example. net2.PNG

Finally, click on configure Netlify on Github, which will prompt you for your github credentials before permitting the repo of that particular project to be allowed by Netlify.


All you have to do now is click deploy and wait a few seconds for your site to go live.

Netlify will generate a weird domain for you; i take that. You can continue and use your own. Netlify will configure the DNS settings and generate a certificate when mapping your own domain.

And here is the result!

Quick note

Free website hosting is adequate for a personal fascination project or a prototype. A web hosting service with a substantial plan is recommended for any type of large website construction project or a site that will be online for an extended period of time.

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