Microsoft Ignite Event: Free Exam Voucher

Microsoft Ignite Event: Free Exam Voucher

Enroll with Ignite.

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Microsoft events are a great way of 'em to showcase and articulate their latest technologies along with giving back to the community.

Microsoft also hosts Build event once a year and they do fantastic work!

Microsoft Ignite

Ignite is a live and online event aimed at professionals and tech enthusiasts looking to advance their careers. The event will feature experts livestreaming their experiences and the technologies that assisted their success, networking, as well as a challenge to earn a 165$ exam voucher for free.

  • Coming 12-14 October, you can register RIGHT NOW.
  • Along with a challenge to finish and earn voucher prior to deadline.
  • Microsoft Learn will contain the challenges.
  • Eligible exams will be investigated at a later date.

Register Here

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Update, 29 September 2022

Microsoft provides these tasks to complete before November 18th.

Enroll in one of them and complete the challenge to 100% untill the deadline to be eligible for a free exam voucher.

Vouchers that are not used by February 15, 2023 will be marked as expired and no longer available for use.

Eligible 2022 Ignite Exams can be found here

Keep doing it, tomorrows knowledge is FUN!

update 12Oct2022, event init

I was pretty excited about Protect everything challenge , and now that it's finally here, it appears that I've already covered the entirety of the material, lol. Event's over.


I will undoubtedly choose another track to complete along the way. Happy learning!

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