Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate | Resources

Microsoft Certified: Security Operations Analyst Associate | Resources

The Ultimate Material Mixture For SC-200.


The term “SecOps” is a combination of the words “Security” and “Operations.” It refers to the practice of integrating security into an organization’s overall DevOps strategy. The goal of SecOps is to secure applications and systems throughout the software development lifecycle, from design and development through production and delivery. By automating security controls and processes, SecOps can help organizations speed up application delivery while reducing risk.

So, secOps refers to a company's integration of internal information security and IT operations procedures to enhance communication and lower risks.

The SC-200 Exam

If you have a previous Cybersecurity background and want to broaden it with the latests technologies and implement SecOps practices. This can be a wise decision. SC-200 is a robust security challenge that covers lots of Microsoft Security operations.

The exam focuses on two powerful Microsoft technologies: Defender & Sentinel, as well as their integration with third-party solutions to protect your environment.

Your starting point could be my blog post about the tools mentioned above, on which you will spend the majority of your preparation time. So I just gave you a high-level overview of what you're going to see.

Check it out from here.

Structured Exam Material

Understand Azure Sentinel✔️
Microsoft Defender for Endpoint✔️
Learn KQL✔️
Start Cram✔️
SC-900 Docs✔️
SC-200 Docs✔️
Udemy Course✔️
Udemy Course, Anand✔️

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