Getting started with Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certifications

Getting started with Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certifications

This blog is going to be your guide through preparing and hopefully passing azure fundamentals exams from SCRATCH.

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Table of contents

  • 0. Microsoft Technical Documentation
  • 1. Adam Marczak - Azure for Everyone- Microsoft MVP
  • 2. John Savill's Technical Training
  • 3. My Notes!
  • 4. Deeper Dive - Udemy
  • 5. Practice Tests
  • Good luck!

As a fresh start, I will include a path to resources that I experienced and helped me earn AZ-900, DP-900, AI-900, PL-900 & SC-900 respectively Azure, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Power Platform & Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Fundamentals.

Following the same rhythm with increasing effort, I was able to get certified as an Azure Developer, Administrator, Security Engineer & DevOps Engineer Expert.

image.png Microsoft offers a variety of foundational certifications with the exam code XX-900, depending on the field of interest.

if you are completely new to the cloud, AZ-900; it should be your first target.

For more details about the certifications Journey, Microsoft provides an answer to the query and gives a deeper view. Quickly check out these links and come back to complete the rest.

The first approach is relax, it's an entry level certifications. Microsoft fundamentals are designed to ensure that you have a good foundation on the skills that are measured in the exam & being able to describe them.

Well, now where should you start? For someone new to the cloud, it is challenging to choose the right material.

0. Microsoft Technical Documentation

Google the exam code by adding the shortcut ms docs or ms learn as shown below


It should appear at the top of the search engine

You can find the skills measured for any MS certification in the official documentation for the exam, in the section below. Sample for the AZ-900: SKILLSOUTLINE.png

The Documentation contains all the parts that you are going to be tested on, the day of the exam

Microsoft CertificationsExam CodeOfficial Documentation
Microsoft Azure FundamentalsAZ-900Link
Microsoft Azure Data FundamentalsDP-900Link
Microsoft Azure AI FundamentalsAI-900Link
Microsoft Security, Compliance, and Identity FundamentalsSC-900Link

1. Adam Marczak - Azure for Everyone- Microsoft MVP

Adam come up with an amazing Azure content: a playlist course on YouTube followed by a Study Guide.

2. John Savill's Technical Training

John is a Principal Technical Architect at Microsoft and his YouTube channel is enriched with Azure technologies.

He is also an inspiring fitness guy who will probably encourage you to start going to the gym if you haven't yet.

3. My Notes!

image_2022-05-25_014007531.png I attempted to gather the certification topics into a single scrollable page that can be used offline; I hope this is useful.

4. Deeper Dive - Udemy

Alan Rodrigues

Scott Duffy

5. Practice Tests

Last but not least, before the exam day you need to practice some tests, it's a good confidence boost and really helps passing the exam.

For that I'm referring to this blog:

You can also check whizlabs :

Good luck!

You are exams away from your dream job!

I tried to gather what I found really useful while learning, thus there is a lot of great content out there! The rest is up to you to research and discover more about Azure.

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